Makita designs and manufactures innovative cordless tools utilizing advanced technology that allow professionals the ability to use cordless tools on tasks previously thought to be impossible. Our goal in designing cordless tools for assembly is to provide the manufacturing community real value in support of the fastening process. As industry continues to trend toward lowering assembly costs while improving fastening governance, Makita is positioned to provide a wide variety of user solutions utilizing today's existing product offering while advancing technological development into next generation products.

Makita cordless tools are steadily emerging as the fastening system of choice within the Assembly & Manufacturing industries. While manufacturing processes were once dominated by air tools, manufacturers are recognizing the many advantages of using Makita cordless tools, such as, reduced energy costs, more freedom and increased safety at the workplace. To meet the needs of today's manufacturers, Makita has developed a full range of assembly and manufacturing cordless power tools that are designed for precise torque accuracy. Makita cordless tools are your cost saving solutions.

  • More Freedom to work in multiple workstations without being tethered to a fixed position.
  • Greater Maneuverability in confined workspaces or on close-quarters fastening applications.
  • Enhanced Ability to relocate assembly processes without being limited by rooted fixtures.
  • Quicker Recoveries from power interruptions.
  • Less Energy Consumption needed to power cordless tools than to power air tools
  • Extreme Energy Savings by elimination air line and air tool leakage
  • Higher Quality Control by reducing damage to manufactured products often caused by hoses and cords
  • Reduced Operating Costs and down time by eliminating oilers and oil maintenance
  • Dependable and Accurate shut-off tools utilize long-life mechanical clutches.
  • Less Operator Strain through advanced ergonomics: Slim Design; Low Stress, 2-Finger Triggers; Lightweight Low Vibration & Noise
  • LED Lamp illuminates the fastening area
  • Protected Torque Adjustments eliminate tampering and require a special key.
  • Visual Signals provide user with Pass/Fail fastening notifications as well as low battery warnings.
  • Easier Product Management with metal ID plates imbedded in the housing.
  • Environmentally Friendly, advance battery and charging technologies.
  • Reduced-Hassle Maintenance through several design advances:
      Drilled-through housing allows easy access for maintenance without potentially stripping out housing threads.
      Modular, Solder-less components provide for fast parts replacement.
      Externally Accessible carbon brushes for minimal downtime.
      Two-Piece Motor Design allows low cost, long-term tool maintenance capabilities.
  • Eliminate Safety Hazards associated with the presence of air hoses on the floor or hanging from fixtures.
  • Extreme Energy Savings through the dramatic reduction in electricity consumption by facility compressor units.
  • Reduced Product Mutilations by not having pneumatic hoses present to potentially damage the manufactured product.
  • Eliminate Costs associated with the maintenance and conditioning of compressed air.
  • Eliminate Contaminating Pollutants exhausted by pneumatic tooling.
  • Designed and built by Makita, not outsourced to third parties
  • Motor technologies allow for much higher cycle life before motor replacement compared to traditional "canned" motors.up to five times longer!
  • Brush replacement after 100 hours or approximately 1,000,000 cycles
  • Armature replacement after 3 brush changes or approximately 3,000,000 cycles
  • Brushless motors designed to last the lifetime of the tool
  • Modular motor and component design allows lower cost and easier maintenance capabilities than other cordless products
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